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KSBR News Briefs on Tuesday, Oct.17, 2017


Inmate walks off from Southern California firefighting crew

Authorities are looking for an inmate firefighter who walked away while assigned to a crew working on the remnants of the Canyon Fire 2.

State corrections officials say 31-year-old Armando Castillo walked was last seen about 4:45 in the afternoon Sunday, when he was among inmate crews working on the fire.

Castillo was sentenced in Los Angeles County last year to a five-year term for possession of a firearm and evading a peace officer while driving recklessly. He was scheduled to be released on probation in May 2018.

He had been assigned to Oak Glen Conservation Camp in Yucaipa.


California to get gender-neutral option on driver's licenses

Gov. Brown signed a measure allowing Californians to identify their gender as "non-binary" on driver's licenses if they don't identify solely as male or female, the latest effort by our state to ease barriers for LGBT people.

The bill signed late Sunday was among the last of 977 bills that Brown acted on just before a deadline Sunday night.

At the same time, the Democratic governor vetoed three bills that looked to advance protections for women and signed a measure that could allow for a boost in public parks.

With Brown's signature on SB179, our state joins Oregon in allowing a gender-neutral option on driver's licenses and state identification cards. The legislation also makes it easier for people to change their name and gender on other official documents such as birth certificates.

The Democratic governor also signed a separate measure that allows people in prison to ask a court for a name or gender change.


San Juan Capistrano

The San Juan Capistrano City Council tonight may agree to amend the city’s Municipal code to provide an incentive for private property owners to have urban farming on their properties.

Mayor Kerry Ferguson says under the proposed ordinance, property owners with 0.1 of an acre or more of unused property would be eligible to take advantage of the incentive of having their property taxed as agriculture instead of regular residential. And that would provide tax savings.

She says the other benefit is having home grown food which is healthier for residents.

She says about ten properties would be eligible to participate in the urban farming incentive program if the Council approves it.

Tonight’s Council meeting begins at five.


Dana Point

The Dana Point City Council tonight will discuss a proposed ordinance requiring the use of story poles citywide for development projects.

Mayor Debra Lewis says she hopes the Council will agree to the ordinance to provide a clearer picture of proposed developments.

She says the poles are the stakes in the ground to show the height and scale of a development or an addition to an existing property.

She says the poles are already required for developments in the Town Center.

Tonight’s City Council meeting begins at six.


Lake Forest

The Lake Forest City Council tonight will discuss whether to have a freeway oriented sign program.

Mayor Scott Voigts says the signs wouldn’t be the big billboards that are standing on Los Angeles Freeways, but large ones that are high enough to encourage motorists to shop and dine in Lake Forest.

He says they could be located on the 241 Toll road and five freeway on the east side.

He says the businesses have asked the City Council to discuss having the signs.

Tonight’s City Council meeting begins at 6:30.


Irvine Unified School District

The Irvine Unified School District board will see a presentation tonight on the California Dashboard Local Performance Indicators.

Student Support Services Executive Director Alan Schlichting says the indicators take the place of what used to be known as the “API” or Academic Performance Index.

He says in the spring, the state released several dashboard indicators on high school graduation rates, academic performance, suspension rates and English learner progress.

He says tonight, he’ll release how the district has performed on several indicators on basic school conditions, implementation of the academic state standards, the use of climate surveys and parent involvement and engagement.

He says the board may use the indicators as a guide for funding purposes to support high progress for all students.

Tonight’s School District board meeting begins at 6:30.  


Researchers discover vulnerability affecting Wi-Fi security

Security researchers have discovered a Wi-Fi network vulnerability that could allow attackers to steal sensitive information or spread malicious software while someone is logged into a computer or mobile device.

A report published yesterday indicates the breach could only happen if an attacker is within range of the potential victim, but the weakness could affect anyone using a Wi-Fi network, whether at home, the office or at a public coffee shop.

The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry group, says there's no evidence that the vulnerability discovered by researcher Mathy Vanhoef has been exploited maliciously. It affects WPA2, a protocol used to secure Wi-Fi networks.

The group says the problem can be resolved through straightforward software updates. Microsoft says it's already deployed patches. Google says it'll do so in the coming weeks.