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KSBR News Briefs on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Governor to extend climate change bill 10 years

Gov. Brown is set to sign legislation today keeping alive our state’s signature initiative to fight global warming, which puts a cap and a price on climate-changing emissions.

The Democratic governor will be joined by his celebrity predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who signed the 2006 bill that led to the creation of the nation's only cap and trade system to reduce greenhouse gases.

The program has become closely watched around the world, promoted by Schwarzenegger and Brown alike a successful way to reduce emissions that hasn't taken the steam out of our state’s thriving economy.

Brown's signature will add 10 years to the program, which had been scheduled to expire in 2020. It follows a frenetic push by Brown and his legislative allies to craft a plan that businesses and environmentalists would both find acceptable.

In the end, the extension was supported by a wide range of business and environmental groups that said it's the most cost-effective way to combat climate change. But it met fierce opposition from environmental justice groups that said it's riddled with giveaways to the oil industry, including too many free pollution permits.


California Supreme Court narrows 3-strikes ballot measure

Our state Supreme Court has narrowed the scope of a state ballot measure that allowed some three-strike inmates to get shorter prison terms.

In a unanimous ruling, the court said judges could consider the facts in charges that were previously dismissed against the inmates to deny them a reduced sentence.

At issue in the ruling was a 2012 ballot measure — Proposition 36 — that allows three-strike inmates to receive sentence reductions if their third offense was neither serious nor violent. Inmates who used a firearm are among those who don’t qualify.

In the ruling, the defendant, Mario Estrada, argued that a judge wrongly refused to resentence him on the grounds that he was armed during a 1996 theft because prosecutors had dismissed a robbery count and firearm allegation as part of his plea deal.


Former LA County sheriff asks to stay free during appeals

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca will avoid prison for a little bit longer after his attorneys asked a federal court to let him remain free while his corruption conviction is appealed.

Baca's attorneys filed the request with the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals a day before the former sheriff was scheduled to report to prison for a three-year sentence for attempting to derail an FBI investigation.

Baca's surrender will be automatically delayed until the court rules, a process that could stretch into several weeks as the two sides are given time to provide their legal arguments.

Baca's attorney Nathan Hochman said in a statement "Sheriff Baca, who is 75 years old and suffering from Alzheimer's disease, is not a danger to the community, nor a flight risk. The law requires that Sheriff Baca receive bail pending appeal if he has raised substantial and debatable issues from his trial."

He was convicted in March of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and lying to investigators.

Prosecutors said he and top aides tried to hide an informant from FBI handlers investigating alleged jail beatings and other abuses.


Orange County Great Park

The Orange County Great Park Board this afternoon may consider Vice Chairwoman Melissa Fox’s request to grant land at the Cultural Terrace to the Pretend City Children’s Museum.

Irvine Public Affairs and Communications Director Craig Reem says the Museum is looking for a permanent location. It has been operating in the city for seven and a half years. The Museum would like to have five acres of land for a new education museum.

Fox is requesting the Board direct the city attorney and city staff to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding with the Museum to establish a commitment of property. Once an MOU is agreed upon by both parties, the Museum may engage in a capital campaign to raise 25 million dollars of the estimated 30 million dollar cost of the project. It has secured a five million dollar commitment from the Children and Families Commission of Orange County to build its permanent museum contingent upon having a land lease at the Great Park.

Today’s Board meeting begins at two in the afternoon.   


Laguna Beach  

The Laguna Beach City Council this evening will see a presentation on seven possible sites in the City for an additional parking structure.

Councilman Steve Dicterow says the presentation will include information on the description of each site, number of available parking spaces and the conceptual level cost estimate of the public parking spaces.

He says staff is recommending the City Council adopt a parking structure evaluation criteria and direct the City Manager to pursue and further analyze and evaluate parking structures at the top four ranked locations.

Tonight’s City Council meeting begins at six.


OC Fair

At the OC Fair tomorrow…visitors who bring in three new or gently used children’s books may enter for free between noon and three in the afternoon.

Also tomorrow and Thursday, 30 dollar unlimited carnival ride wristbands may be purchased until five in the evening and used until eight in the evening.

In the Pacific Amphitheatre Gavin De Graw with special guest Calum Scott will go on stage at 7:30 in the evening tomorrow. And on Thursday, Justin Moore and Tyler Rich will perform at 7:45 in the evening.

Thursday is Kids Day, when children age 12 and under may get in for free all day.

Also on that day, three dollar taste of the fair food is available between noon and four in the afternoon.

The OC Fair runs through August 13. It’s closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

More information is available on-line at www.OCFair.com