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KSBR News Briefs on  Thursday, April 27 2017


Plan to give health care to every Californian moves forward

State lawmakers have pushed forward with a proposal that would remake the health care system of our state by replacing insurance companies with government-funded health care for everyone.

The idea known as single-payer health care has long been popular on the left and is getting a new look in our state as President Trump looks to replace former President Obama's health care law.

The proposal, promoted by the state's powerful nursing union and two Democratic senators, is a longshot. But supporters hope the time is right to persuade lawmakers in our state, where Democrats like to push the boundaries of liberal public policy and are eager to stand up to the Republican president.

Democratic Sen. Ricardo Lara from Bell Gardens, who wrote the bill with Democratic Sen. Toni Atkins from San Diego, says it’s time to say once and for all that health care is a right, not a privilege for those who can afford it.

Hundreds of nurses clad in red, rallied in support of the measure and marched to the state Capitol in Sacramento, packing the hallways before a Senate Health Committee hearing. Democrats on the panel had voted to advance the measure.

The measure would guarantee health coverage with no out-of-pocket costs for all state residents, including people living in the country illegally.


United raising limit on payments to bumped flyers to $10,000

United Airlines says it will raise the limit — to $10,000 — on payments to customers who give up seats on oversold flights. It's also increasing training for employees as it deals with the fallout from the video of a passenger being violently dragged from his seat.

United is also vowing to reduce, but not eliminate, overbooking — the selling of more tickets than there are seats on the plane.

The airline made the promises today, as it released a report detailing mistakes that led to the April 9 incident on a United Express plane in Chicago.

United isn't saying whether ticket sales have dropped since the removal of a 69-year-old passenger by three airport security officers, but the airline's CEO admits it could be damaging.


Water Park

The Orange County Great Park board has taken a step toward having a water park built at the park.

Irvine Public Affairs and Communications Director Craig Reem says the board has directed staff to begin negotiations with Wild Rivers Water Park officials.

He says the negotiations will include how a private entity will fund its part of the water park, the design, plans and location of the water park. 

He says there’s no timetable on when it could be constructed.

Wild Rivers had operated a water park in Irvine for 25 years. It closed in 2012.


Mission Viejo

The Mission Viejo City Council has voted to encourage our governor to veto Senate Bill 54, which is the Sanctuary State Bill and Senate Bill 1, which is the Gas and Car Tax increase bill.

Senate Bill 54 would place our state law in conflict with federal law and make our state a statewide sanctuary for people who are in the country illegally:

Mayor Wendy Bucknum says as for SB 54, our County Sheriff’s Department has concerns because it would be an unfunded mandate that’s going to be put onto local cities, as far as public safety, the impact on jails and on funding for services.

She says as for SB 1, the Council took its position because our County has already paid for road improvements through Measure M and Measure M-2, and it won’t benefit from the taxes from the bill.

She says if the governor signs the bill, grocery prices will rise as will costs for various services.  


Laguna Hills

The Laguna Hills City Council has bestowed a Certificate of Recognition upon a boy who has been battling leukemia for three and a half years and his family.

Mayor Don Sedgwick says Nikolia Greco and his family had formed the non-profit organization Team Niko, whose mission is to provide help to organizations such as CHOC Hospital and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society to find a cure for childhood leukemia. They also provide backpacks to children that have been diagnosed with leukemia and will have extended stays in the hospital.

He says the Council also had issued a Proclamation declaring May 5, as “Cinco de Niko” Day in celebration of Nikolai receiving his last chemo treatment.

Sedgwick says he could tell Nikolia appreciated being honored. His mother had told him after the meeting, her son had clutched the certificate on their way home from City Hall.