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Advanced Radio Handouts

Summer 2011 Required Class Information

www.DAR.fm Online Digital Audio Recorder to record OCRR shift (Questions: See Terry)

Operators Exam

EAS Helpful Information

EAS Description

EAS National Test Date

If an Agent Came Knocking...

Spotify The Future is Here

Pandora Mobile Growth Outpacing Ads

A Surprise to Expect From Sirius XM

Broadcast Radio in the Game

HD Radio Tipping Point

PPM Memo

AT and sound of staion

Identify Songs

Connecting with your Audience

Air Quality Control

Effective PSA Writing

Writing Words and Phrases

Back Announcing

Tease Me, Please Me

Personality Tips

Technology Reading Assignment

Other Interesting Stuff

A Clear Channel Christmas

New ARBITRON Devices

Arbitron PPM Trends vs a Coin Toss

John & Ken Producer Profile

General Class Information

SS32 User Guide

Scott Studio Exercise

Profiler Aircheck Instructions

Voice Track Aircheck Instructions

Sports Remote Setup

Job Search Considerations

Radio Cover Letter

Sample Radio Resume

Volunteer Form

OCRR guidelines

"Classic" handouts

Remote Broadcast Tips

Remote Broadcast Cautions

Non Commercial Promotional Minefields

Remote Setup Schematic

Music Remote Broadcast Setup

Stop and Go Traffic (Stopsets in the PPM World)

Is PPM Anti-Personality?

Diary of a Portable Peter Meter Person

September 2010 LA Ratings

Interviews 1

Interviews 2

Interview Cheat Sheet

The Mobile Phone is the Convergence Device for 12-24

Latest Ando Media online radio rankings

How Much New Media must Radio Do?

Technology Loses When it Collides with Human Behavior

Suddenly Interactive Becomes Hyperactive In Philly

Terrestrial Radio Runs New Media Gautlet

Are The Likes Of Pandora Killing Traditional Radio?

Sirius still seeking Howard

Internet in cars

Digital Radio: A solution without a problem

Waning Support for College Radio?

Aaron Read Response to Waning Support

Job Search Considerations

Getting a Media Job

The Radio Cover Letter

Sample Radio Cover Letter

Sample Radio Experience Resume

Sample Radio Career Resume

Developing New Talent

OC Resume Survey

New Technologies Lecture

All Something All the Time

What's In a Format?

Radio Station Formats

PSA Example

PSA Template

Writing Commercials

Writing for Broadcast 1

Broadcast Words and Phrases

PSA Writing Exercise 2

Perfection or Connection

FCC Broadcast Language Law

FCC Indecency Policy Rejected

Smooth Jazz Network Clock

Do DJs Pick Music?

Selector Theory

Selector Priorities

Selector Understanding Rules

Selector Rules and Policies

Selector Codes

Selector Scheduling

Selector Manual Scheduling Routine

Selector Entering KSBR Songs

HD Radio in LA

After a Year of PPM

PPM Controversy Settled

Selector Manual Scheduling Final Project

Final Review Outline

Connection Perez

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