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Thank you for your interest in underwriting on KSBR radio. Underwriting can be an effective part of your publicity efforts and can successfully route your information to KSBR's listening audience. KSBR reaches a cumulative audience of more than 35,000 listeners each week, with 65% of the audience concentrated in south Orange County, and about 93% falling in the highly desirable 25-64 age group.

The standard rate for what we call “Enhanced Announcements” is $35.00 per announcement. These are about 20-30 seconds in length. We offer substantial discounts for accounts committing to at least 7-announcements per week for at least 3-months.

The standard rate for our “Identification Announcements,” which include only the name and contact information of the business, is $25 per announcement, and significant discounts are also available for long-term commitments. Because of the nature of underwriting announcements, they are most effective if used as part of a long-term publicity plan.

As a non-commercial community station, underwriting announcements on KSBR must follow certain FCC guidelines. While these guidelines prohibit “commercial promotion” they do provide local businesses an opportunity to create community awareness of their products and services, while associating them with a community service broadcast station. Because of their legal identification as “Donor Acknowledgments,” payment must be received before the announcements can be aired.

Here is an example of a permissible "Identification Announcement":

“KSBR supporters include Cox Communications, on the web at”

Here’s an example of an "Enhanced Announcement":

“KSBR supporters include Front Gate Creative, offering custom graphic design to meet corporate marketing needs. From logos, catalogs and advertising to web sites and e-stores, Front Gate Creative is a one stop shop for print and web creative development. Portfolio available at FrontGateCreative-dot-com.”

Download an Underwriting Information Package (including discounts) here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call:

Terry Wedel
Operations Director, KSBR
(949) 582-4714

Audience data are copyright Arbitron, Inc. Total market, Mon.-Sun., 6am-midnight, Spring 2004. Arbitron data are estimates only. Source: RRC, Inc.